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  1. I have the privilege of mobilizing and leading volunteers to serve the least of these in countries around the world. Of all of the places I visit, the BMS guesthouse in Kolkata is my favorite place to stay. It is like a second home. I appreciate the kindness of the staff, the cleanliness of the facilities, and the willingness of everyone at BMS to make every stay comfortable for me and my teams. Thank you for your hospitality.

    Omar C. Garcia

  2. Louise Hohnberg says:

    5 years ago my friend and I stumbled upon BMS on our first short term mission trip to Kolkata… we’ve been back a number of times and wouldn’t stay anywhere else! I liken it to having a sleep-over at your best friend’s place… you feel at home from the time you arrive, and when it’s time to leave there are many fond farewells and tears, just like at any family gathering.
    The garden is one of my favourite places for a little time out… beautiful flowers, soft green grass and tall shady trees make it a very inviting place! It truly is an oasis in the busy busy city.
    God bless you heaps 😀

  3. Kay Smith says:

    I love the BMS! It feels like home and the staff is so helpful. Can’t wait to stay with you again on our next trip!
    Kay Smith

  4. Jenny Baker says:

    It was so awesome to walk through the gate after a busy day on the streets of Kolkata, I felt like I was home. I thoroughly enjoyed my (almost) 3 weeks spent at the Guesthouse. Thank you to Samir for doing our laundry and to the guys who made us breakfast every day and to the men at the gate who gladly hailed us a cab when needed. We loved our rooms and the cleanliness of the BMS. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay! I got my exercise too walking up 46 stairs 3 times per day 🙂

    You are all wonderful people and are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    Thank you and hope to see you again!

    Jenny Baker
    Newmarket, Ontario

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Aruna and Staff,
    I’ve just returned home from a 6 week stay at BMS,Kolkata. The love, warmth and kindness I experienced there defies description. I look forward to my next visit sometime this year. Let’s hope you have a place for me. I felt at home with you from day 1. What better tribute can I pay you than this?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear Aruna and All your wonderful staff,
    I’ve just returned from a 6 week stay in your beautiful, tranquil guesthouse. I feel blessed to have chosen such a haven in which to stay. When the gracious security men opened the gate for me at the end of my day’s work I felt so safe and cared for in a city which to the outsider seems hostile and dangerous. But my experience of your city was not at all like that. I never felt uneasy or fearful. The greatest tribute I can pay you is that I kept referring to BMS as ”home” and my fellow volunteers found that hilarious!

    Thank you one and all for being so hospitable and for making Christmas 2011 so special. I hope you have a room for me when I return.

    Blessings and Peace
    An Irish traveller

  7. Ps. G. Sudharshan Rao says:

    Praise the lord ap campus bahut atcha hai parmeswar ki mahima like hai good

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love the BMS Guesthouse and all of the staff. Miss you loads, Love from Harriet (BMS Action team 2011-2012) xxx

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your hospitality – loved being there (all 12 of us) last week.

  10. C. Rothell says:

    Everyone is correct. It is an oasis amongst a huge city with lots of challenges. Once you walk through the front gate, you felt safe and sound. What a blessing to have that to go home to every evening.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Spent week at BMS, wonderful place, staff very helpful at all times, will be back

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I am trying to contact BMS to enquire about accommodation. I have emailed both addresses on the site but haven’t received a reply. Please advise as to the best thing to do now?

  13. Aidan Jordan says:

    Aruna and all the staff, We stayed there in 2012 with 12 students and 5 leaders and plan to be back there again Easter 2014 with a similar group. It is indeed a real tropical oasis amidst the chaos of the city. God Bless, Aidan Jordan St Patricks School Navan Ireland

  14. Sonja Fuhrmann says:

    Dear Aruna and all the stuff on 2013 in febbruary I stay at BMS it was mi third trip to’ Kolkata and the best accomotation with a staff meraviglious and the meals very good. Thank you and next year I will be back

  15. Douglas Freeland says:

    , another great stay in March, pleasure to see all the staff again, all so very helpful, will be back , blessings from Scotland

  16. Maria says:

    Hello, Ive been trying to make a reservation at BMS for the first 3 weeks of September, Ive been calling and sent an email, but no one’s answered. How can I make a reservation?

  17. Madhurita says:

    Hello! I am trying to make a reservation for December 2014 but I have been unable to contact anyone. I have email and called. Is there another way to do this?

  18. Michelle says:

    I am looking for accommodation and your reviews speaks volumes, can someone please tell me the rates for a double room please? thank you.

  19. bmskolkata says:

    Hi Maria — please send email to

  20. cris says:

    Hola!!!Voy a finales de diciembre a calcuta de voluntaria con las hermanas de la Madre Teresa!!! Estaré unos meses!!! Estaba pensando en alojarme aquí o en sudder street… Si alguien me aconseja alojarme en este sitio??y precio??? Gracias

  21. Mary says:

    Hola Cris! Yo la verdad te recominedo BMS. Estuve alli el verano del 2014 y el trato fue increible! Volveria a quedarme ahi de nuevo. Aparte, esta super cercas de las misioneras. Llegas a casa de ellas en dos minutos caminando. Dios te bendiga!! 😀

  22. Jairam Amrith says:

    Spent only about 7 hours in BMS’s double room,very impressed by the efficiency and warmth of the staff, the cleanliness of the place, and the cheap and wholesome meals in the canteen.The location is central, and the staff will help you get transport to the airport or train station and fix the price before you board the taxi.

  23. Douglas Freeland says:

    Thanks again to all the staff at BMS on my yearly visit to Kolkata , it’s always a fantastic experience , blessings from scotland

  24. Anne-Marie Broeckx says:

    BMS is truly a oasis in the busy city.I felt like I was at home. I enjoyed my 3 weeks spent at the Guesthouse. Thanks to the wonderfull staff. Thanks to the man at the gate who helped for finding my way . Thanks who made the breakfast and cooking every day. Good for our stomach, sometimes a little spicey, joke! You are all wonderful people and are in my thoughts.
    Thank you and hope to see you again!

  25. Maria Isabel Fraga says:

    To whom it may concern
    I sent an e-mail to baptismal@g mail.comand it has turned back to me.Please i
    want to know the price of a single room with AC for July 19 to October 3.
    I shall be very grateful if you inform me and tell me the right e mail

  26. Paulina says:

    Hello… I just sent an email to 2 days ago but I got no reply… I want to know about the prices and if I can make a reservation before I arrive…

    Best Regards
    Paulina Castiello

  27. Kaushik says:

    I heard many recommendation for your guest house.. Do you guys can arrange customer specific food..mainly based on their state.

  28. Tanya Cangelosi says:

    I would love to stay here January 20, 2017 thru January 27, 2017. I would like to book a single room with AC. Does the room have a private bath?
    Thanks for your help,

  29. Catherina Rozario says:

    It was a great place to stay in Kolkata. I came from Bangladesh last year stay in BMS for 4/5 days it was just a wonderful experience for me. Beautiful place.

  30. Vishnu Kumar says:

    I want to know about BMS missionary work at Patna gospel has been brought to bihar in JANUARY 10, 1800, thanking you so much to the man of God Dr. Carey who brought gospel to our village. And work together for Church planting ministry in state of bihar…because be don’t have any Church under BMS where the first giver of the Gospel in bihar was BMS…
    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

    Vishnu Kumar

  31. Anonymous says:

    Some vested interests and touts of Sudder Street area are trying to malign and tarnish the clean
    image of Baptist Missionary Service Guest House on 44,A.J.C.Bose Road,Kolkata-700017.Please
    request the boarders to be discreet and analytical while judging the pros and cons of a Guest House and not lend their ears to baseless and malignant disinformation. Kind regards,

    Prof. Srikumar

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have been staying at the BMS guest house for over 35 years and always enjoyed my stay and the quality of hospitality there.
    I have and will always recommend the BMS guest house to my friends and relatives.
    One of the issues that could be addressed is contacting the guest house during the weekend if there’s an emergency reservation of Accommodation from outside Kolkata.
    Siddhartha Sahu

  33. Sheetal Almeida says:

    I am compelled to take the time to write a letter of commendation for how amazingly well Baptist Missionary Society handles their guest with professionalism, patience, efficiency and pleasantness. From the moment we walked through your doors we were charmed and thrilled! Our room was very neatly kept, clean, and comfortable, and our stay was very quiet as well. Your location and budget-friendly price, is outstanding and could not be beaten.

    Thank you again for your friendly staff, economical pricing, and orderly accommodations. Baptist Missionary Society certainly added to the charm of an ideal and safe stay in Kolkata
    Mrs. Sheetal Almeida

  34. That’s sad. When I visited, I stayed at Hotel Heaven…while there I visited BMS and that will be my home away from home on my next visit! I’ve spread the word for all others from the US as I found it safe, clean with a very knowledgeable and welcoming staff!

  35. Rosalie v. Agunod says:

    Am rosalie, lay missionary. Catholic. 6 missionaries with me to kolkata on june. We are considering your place for us to stay. Pls help us also . May i ask email address or contact number of the mother house of missionries of charity and its address/location. Thank you

  36. bmskolkata says:

    Baptist Missionary Society
    44 A.J.C. Bose Road
    Kolkata, India 700 017
    Telephone: (033) 2226-9378 | 2217-6795 | 2217-2452

  37. Peter says:

    We have just returned from our time in India and I wanted to write a quick a quick thanks and recommendation for Anu and the team and BMS. We had never been to India before, so were a bit nervous, but Anu was wonderful prior to our arrival in giving good advice on arriving well. We were picked up at the airport and our faithful driver waited about 2 hours as the airline had lost our luggage – yet he still greeted us cheerfully, despite it being a public holiday and him missing time with his family. When we arrived, we had every question answered and a clean room ready for the family (four of us, two kids under 12). The guys in the kitchen were great too, with basic, but tasty meals for very low price. Then finally, when we left at 4am one morning, the guys on the gate bent over backwards to ensure we got to the airport, despite an Uber failure and few taxis wanting to do that trip at that time for some reason. Thank you Anu and the whole team. Our Kolkata experience was excellent, thanks to all of you.

  38. Kiki says:

    I’ve sent email for reservation. Waiting for your response:)

  39. I stayed in BMS for severals weeks in the beginning of 2020. It is one of the best places you can stay at as a volunteer. All the others were jealous of me 🙂
    BMS is close to “motherhouse”, has a nice atmosphere and nice staff. Thanks a lot!

  40. Juno Varghese says:

    Hello, I am visiting Kolkota with a friend next week. Would you have rooms available between 23rd – 26th December?

  41. bmskolkata says:

    Please email for info on availability.

  42. Juno Varghese says:

    Thanks for your response. I have sent an email

  43. Koyal Ghosh says:

    I require a small Meeting hall on 13th nov or 14th nov for Christian prayer meeting and worship.but i am unable to contact them in the no.provided in website.Please provide the updatedcontact no.urgently.

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